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Q & A

What would my child have to do?

We will enter your child's baseline demographic information into a clinical database. All treatments received for nephrotic syndrome including doses and duration of drugs and other clinical outcomes as defined in the study will be recorded.

What are the risks?

There are no anticipated risks to collection of basic health information and physical examinations. If consent is given to take blood, your child will be poked.

Are there any benefits for my child?

If you agree for your child to participate in this study there may or may not be a direct medical benefit to them. The information we get from this study will help us to provide better treatments in the future for patients with nephrotic syndrome.

Does my child have to participate?

Please note that your decision to participate or not to participate will not influence your child's current or future medical care. If you participate, it is entirely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw consent and stop participating in the study at any point in time.

What else does my child's participation involve?

You may be asked to come to the clinic for extra assessments over and above routine care at the beginning of each relapse for assessment of height, weight and external manifestations of steroid toxicity. 

Will my child's records be kept private?

Your child's identity will not be be disclosed in any published materials as a result of this study. Information about your child is confidential and study results will be presented only in group format to ensure your child's identity is protected at all times.

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